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Get ready for an experience like no other–serving the Lord!  There are no special requirements just a willingness to serve.  You bring all the credentials needed.  Is it work?  Absolutely, but the reward is like no other!  Try it!


Sunday School

The heart of any church is the work of the Sunday School.  This is where Bible-based lessons are taught and studied every Sunday morning for all ages.  All are encouraged to be in attendance.



Women’s Mission

The women of the mission are counted on to serve in many capacities.  They not only are role models for the young women of the church and community, but they provide food and clothing for the hungry, homeless and shut-in.  They have been responsible for the many food baskets and clothing giveaways throughout the year.  They also sponsor spirit-filled programs.  Out of this group the Women’s Choir was organized to provide beautiful music on their day.



Men of  Temple 44

This hard-working group of Christian men meet on a regular basis, studying the Word, raising funds to support the church, and most of all mentoring  young men and being role models for them.  They sponsor an annual barbecue, musicales, etc.  What a fellowship!



Music Ministry

Making a joyful noise unto the Lord are our choirs…the Gospel Chorus, New Generation, Women’s Chorus, and Men’s Chorus. These melodious choirs practice on a weekly or on an as needed basis to prepare to bring some of the best music to sing praises to the Lord. Outstanding soloists round out our music ministries.


Usher Board

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Our Legacy  1967                                                                    The Present 2011


WE, THE MEMBERS OF THE USHER BOARD OF THE CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD CWFF, TEMPLE 44, BELIEVE that it is our responsibility to carry out a ministry that is reflective of our Christian principles in which our church was founded upon as found in our “Articles of Faith”.

WE FURTHER BELIEVE that we have been granted the honor and privilege of this position not only as Ushers, but as Ambassadors for Christ.  We recognize that this honor is based upon our service to Christ rather than an appointment or duty.

OUR MISSION IS to provide a Christian stewardship to our Pastor, Members, Visitors, and Community to enable all persons who enter God’s house, the opportunity to grow spiritually and morally in a welcoming atmosphere of love, respect, courtesy and kindness.

OUR PURPOSE IS to humbly serve.

Nurses’ Guild



Young People’s Progressive Union (Y.P.P.U.)

Young people come to the YPPU to be trained to work for the Master.  Adult-sponsored activities are planned for the youth that are spiritual, wholesome and lots of fun.


Bible  Study

Bible study meetings are scheduled twice a week to study themed lessons from the Bible.  Join them on Tuesdays during the day and/or Wednesday nights for  powerful lessons.



Feeding the Community

Every fourth Saturday, a hot meal is served to members of the community.  Many donors, and volunteers are needed!